CVS SCC plugin for TortoiseCVS

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This plugin allows you to access CVS directly from within Microsoft Visual Studio and other Windows IDEs/editors.

If you have found this page, you may already know of Jalindi Igloo, which offers the same functionality.

The purpose of this project is not to reinvent the wheel, and in fact it is based on the publicly available source code of Igloo (as of September 2001). Rather, it is intended to correct a number of apparent deficiencies of the most recent binary distribution, which cannot be fixed as the source code is not available.

In implementing this project, I will strive to obtain the same elegance as is present in the TortoiseCVS Explorer shell extension.

More specific goals:


2004-09-25 Project hiatus
2003-12-15 I have started a rewrite to eliminate the Igloo sccglue library, instead interfacing directly to the SCC API.
2003-12-14 Release 0.2.
2003-06-04 Release 0.1.
2003-01-18 Second alpha release. Basic functionality is in place.
2003-01-05 First alpha release
2002-12-20 SourceForge project created Logo